Europump position on the restriction of PFAS

Europump is the European Association of Pump Manufacturers. It represents 16 National Associations in 12 EU Member States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Russia & Switzerland. Europump members represent more than 450 companies with a collective production worth more than €10 billion and employing 100,000 people in Europe.

Pumps are essential for many applications in daily life, such as

  • transport of drinking water and wastewater,
  • production and packaging of food and beverage,
  • production processes within chemical and pharmaceutical industry,
  • processes in O&G, pulp and paper, mining and metals, fertilizers
  • heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications
  • and further.

PFAS materials are used in pumps, mainly as sealings, bearings, cable sheaths, coatings, pump inserts and membranes, due to their extraordinary properties with respect to chemical resistance, heat resistance and low coefficient of friction. Due to the high costs of PFAS materials, which are up to 100 times more expensive than standard polymeric materials, they are only used in cases, where no suitable alternative is available.

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Posted on 20th April 2023 by Europump.