Membership Benefits

In a nutshell

Membership benefits include, among others:

  • First hand updates on changes at regulatory and standardisation levels
  • Possibility to actively influence legislative and normative processes
  • Access to fora to discuss technical issues with other players in the pumps industry
  • The annual World Pumps Report, an extensive statistical overview on pump market developments across the different pump products and European countries.
  • Access to a high-level professional network of pump manufacturers and allied industries

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Becoming a member of Europump means joining the only Association representing the pump manufacturing value chain in Europe. Europump has been founded in 1960 and works towards the development of a positive regulatory framework and up-to-date standards that support the global competitiveness of our European industry.

1. Access to a high-level professional network

Via its membership, Europump provides access to a highly professional and dynamic network of peer industry executives and technologists contributing to shaping the technical advancement and the regulatory environment of the pumps and allied industries.

Europump is managed by an Executive Council composed of industry executives designated by the national associations. Council members provide the association’s strategic vision based on their deep knowledge of the industry trends. 

The technical work happens within our Standards and Technical Committees and topic specific working groups. Industry representatives are designated by the national member associations, forming a pool of experts providing highly valued and respected contributions to the shaping of EU legislation and accompanying European and international standards.

2. Information and influence on EU legislation

Europump’s Secretariat is located in Brussels. It provides a detailed monitoring and intelligence service to the members five times a year, by analysing and updating all relevant upcoming pieces of EU policy and legislation. Furthermore, tailor-made “early warnings” are sent to members active on the Committees. During meetings or webinars regulatory updates are presented and discussed.

Europump speaks on behalf of its members at European and international forums regarding the harmonisation of technical, normative and legislative developments in the field of pumps and allied equipment. Our close and longstanding relationship with the EU Institutions as well as standardisation bodies are key to make our voice heard.

Moreover, Europump is an associated member of the umbrella association Orgalim, representing Europe’s technology industries, which helps strongly leveraging our action towards the EU: Orgalim task forces and working groups are open to Europump experts who can contribute to drafting and communicating its positions. 

Europump also maintains relations with other European industry associations such as CEIR (taps and valves), CEMEP (electric motors), Pneurop (compressors and allied equipment) and EDW (European Drinking Water Alliance). Furthermore, we maintain a close partnership and friendship with the Hydraulic Institute in the United States. This involves regular mutual  updated on regulatory developments in the US and Europe, as well as joining forces in task force on technical and standardisation issues where relevant.

3. World Pumps Report

Europump works with Oxford Economics  to establish an annual World Pumps Report, providing our members with access to an extensive statistical overview on market developments across countries and products.

4. Contribution to European and International Standardisation

Europump’s Committees and working groups are in direct contact with the relevant ISO and CEN Technical Committees and often share the same experts. This allows us to have a direct say in the drafting of European (harmonised or not harmonized) standards and of international standards. In particular, Europump’s experts are active in ISO TC 115 (pumps). 

5. Participation in industry’s enhancement

Europump’s annual Conference and General Assembly is the opportunity for all members and experts to meet, exchange and network. Beyond the statutory General Assembly, the event provides a programme including an overview of the main technical and regulatory activities and updates as well as the annual World Pumps Report.

6. Guarantee of Compliance 

Europump is legally constituted as an international association under Belgian Law. The association’s Secretariat ensures that Europump remains compliant with all applicable rules and regulations, including with EU and national competition rules. Europump is also officially registered in the EU Transparency Register (03396347383-49).