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Europump, the European Association of Pump Manufacturers, was established in 1960. It represents 15 National Associations in 12 EU Member States, the United Kingdom, Turkey & Switzerland. Europump members represent more than 450 companies with a collective production worth more than €10 billion and employing 100,000 people in Europe. The ever improving performance of liquid pumps increases the productivity of end user sectors and contributes to competitiveness and growth.

Energy Saving Dashboard

Savings resulting from Ecopump climate and energy policy since 2016

MEI 3.3TWhpa
Circs 23TWhpa
Start Date: 01/01/2016
Average EU Cost 0.3 Eur/kWh
1 kWh saved 0.0007 Tons CO2
1 kWh saved 0.0002 Gas powered cars per year

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